Saturday, 10 March 2007

This is not a Brancusi Sculpture

Written by Plurabelle Posthorn

To day, 10th of March, we are opening a new exhibition, a groupshow, at the Virtual Artist Alliance HQ in Second Life.
I will be showing my "Not a Brancusi Sculpture"-SL snapshot serie along with my wearable "This is not a Brancusi Sculpture" sculpture. People can get the wearable sculpture for free. So that they can walk around being a "This is not a Brancusi sculpture". People are free to change it in whatever way they want.
This blog post will keep track of what happens to the sculpture after it has left it's creator.
Picture below: Me dressed in a pink "This is not a Brancusi Sculpture" at Trollhaugen, my new home. And having opening nerves...!

2nd of April, 2007: Me wearing the sculpture at a humanist field trip and at our weekly humanist discussion. LINK
4th of April, 2007: Raspirit and Plurabelle on Muse Island, VVA HQ, and Motorati underwater disco. LINK
Sunn Thunders in Wicked Witch Woods LINK
Brancusi at Stephen Hilras gallery, dec 2007 LINK

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