Monday, 19 March 2007

the Nordic Council's Literature Prize 2007

"The Nordic Council's Literature Prize is awarded for a work of imaginative literature written in one of the Nordic languages. This can be a novel, a play, a collection of poetry, short stories or essays, or other work. The work must meet high literary and artistic standards."

"The Swedish author Sara Stridsberg has won the Nordic Council’s Literature Prize 2007 for her work 'The Dream Faculty' ('Dr√∂mfakulteten')."

"Her [Sara Stridsbergs] second novel ‘The Dream Faculty’ was published in 2006, this time a fictitious story about Valerie Solanas, the woman who will go down in history for writing the ultra-feminist manifesto SCUM (Society for Cutting Up Men) in the sixties and who later, after having tried to co-operate with Andy Warhol, shot and seriously injured him.
Sara Stridsberg has also translated the SCUM manifesto into Swedish and written a play about Valerie Solanas. The fictitious story in ‘The Dream Faculty’ is that the author visits Valerie Solanas at the end of her life in a room in the Bristol Hotel in the red-light Tenderloin District of San Fransisco, where Valerie Solanas was living where she died in 1988, kneeling by the bedside, sick and wretched, aged 52."

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