Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Snapshots from the new exhibition at Gallery urEN lUREN, November 1 to December 15, 2007

1. The Macaroni sculpture is made by Plurabelle Posthorn. To the right we see one of elros Tuominens kinetic sculptures, those concentric circles. To the left DeThomas Dibous GoogleEarth-landart-pictures.
2. This is from the roof of the gallery. The macaronisculpture comes through the opening in the roof. On the wall are Englelika Rossinis photographies, on the right her "The Bleach". The sculpture in front is made by DeThomas and the one in the back is elros', it's called "Magellan". 3. Here we see the whole gallery aerea from the bottom of the sea and up the hillside. Underwater Rezago Kokorin and Sunn Thunders are showing at part of their"Abyss"-project.
4. This is under the main house. The photograph to the left is made by Englelika Rossini; "The Eye", then you see Plurabelles white reindeer and her "hot coffee installation", those yellow cups. On the wall behind that Jorsol Tenk is showing her photographs, like "Girl", "Suckling" and "Styling".
5. Down by the sea is the welcome aerea. Here are photos by Englelika Rossini, "Socrates in Springtime" by Rezago Kokorin, collages by Bellinda Box, and a animated picture by NiXoN Hyum.
6. It's always winter at Trollhaugen. The snow will never smelt here...
7. Magellan Egoyans egg in the middle.
8 Plura looking down the "stair". We see Jorsol Tenks "Just Crying" and more of here phothos, Pluras "hot coffee" and in the backgroud DeThomas Dibous caleidioscopic GoogleEarthLandArtPictures.

From the 1st exhibition at Gallery urEN lUREN, 25 May to 15 July 2007

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Exhibiting artist: elros Tuominen, Gazira Babeli, Sunn Thunders, Pandora Wake, Nicci Lane, Kjersti Kise, Liv Ragnhild Kjellmann, Bente Louise Aas, Wirxli Flimflam, Rezago Kokorin, Juria Yoshikawa, Sabine Stonebender, Gerd7Gerhard3Loeffler Allstar, Sasun Steinbeck, Cyanide Seelowe, Raspirit Heron, jjccc Coronet, Eva & Franco Mattes, anibr Jung and Plurabelle Posthorn.