Thursday, 5 April 2007

"This is not a Brancusi Sculpture" , Plurabelle and Raspirit, 4th of April.

Plurabelle Posthorn

Raspirit Heron, my fellow norwegian, asked me to come over to Muse Island, for some advice, and I came to tell about my not a Brancusi wearable sculpture, but decided to show, not tell.

She liked it, so I gave her a pink sculpture for her to wear. She put it on and we walked along the shore where there will soon be an art walk... installed, over to where Raspirit is putting up her new exhibition. (She has one right now at Hardangerfjord.) I managed to force Aidian Hyun into a green sculpture before he flew off. Over to Virtual Artist Alliance HQ at Chiaksan, where we've just opened an exhibition showing kinetic sculpture, I wanted to show it to her.
Finaly, we went to an underwater disco called Motorati. They had a contest going for the best costume... We danced for hours. Never thought going to a virtual disco could be that fun...
"This is not a Brancusi Sculpture" dancing...

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