Sunday, 15 April 2007

Sunn Thunders in Wicked Witch Woods

Sunn Thunders sent me a snapshot from Wicked Witch Woods, Wicked Witch Woods (150, 104, 53). My "Not a Brancusi Sculpture" has been allowed on the island, but I have not. Wonder what's going on in that place. I guess I'm not wicked enough to be let in... Nooby Plurabelle! It hasn't opened yet. Read about The Wicked Witch Woods project HERE and HERE. "the vision of Oz alive within 5 total sims in SL" Sunn is designing and building the common areas for the brand new sim that will open very soon.

Plurabelle Posthorn

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ninsve said...

HERE is a review of the exhibition at the norwegian site
Oh! And my Gallery urEN lUREN is mentioned in a comment under the review. Thanks a lot Leif Inge (who also wrote the review)!