Tuesday, 11 March 2008

SL Dumpster

The other day my SL-avatar visited a new Second Life artproject: SL Dumpster. Thing is you can empty all your (inventory)trash on the land of the artistgroup eteam. I threw out some of my worst Second Life artworks... See their blogpost on Plurabelles trash HERE under March 7. Pretty funny analyses... :)
Below: Tempo Strom, one of the artists in eteam, with her head in a can. In the background, some of my trashed artworks, for instance "Cubistic window with an ordinary carrot growing in it".

Lothar Apfelbaum, another of the artists.
The SL Dumpster project is one of 11 Rhizome-commisioned projectes. See 2008 Commissions. All the projects will be shown at Rhizome.org and at the New Museum of Contemporary Art, and archived at the ArtBase.
Visit SL Dumpster HERE. It's up for one year...


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