Friday, 23 February 2007

New blog

I have had my first blog for one year tomorrow. Happy birthday plurabella! blog! On plurabella! I write about things that interest me: art, literature, frogs, Lapps, Ansur and so on. In norwegian.
Shortly after going in to the metavers Second Life in november 2006 I (as Plurabelle Posthorn) joined a group called Virtual Artists Alliance, or we met at Rezago Kokorins Blekinge sculpture park, talked and formed this group. Groupformer is Cyanide Seelowe. We started meeting once a week were we discused collabortive project. We started a blog: Virtual Artists Alliance. We had a succesful charity sculpture auction for My First book. And we are planning other collaborative projects. I have mainly been active writing about Second Life art on the blog. The blog came out of a discussion about how we could help newbies to find their way in the Second Life art world. An issue we're still working on. I have copied some of my posts and reposted them on this blog.
So why start one more blog? My plan is to write about Second Life art and post it on both the Virtual Artists Alliance blog and here. But I want to post more about my own SL-art activities, which would be to narcissistic to post on the VAA-blog... I also want to write a about real life art, mainly reviews of exhibitions in my town Oslo or of other art events that I might attend. I already do that on my norwegian blog, but here it will be in english. My english is not very advanced, but hopefully I will learn (more) by doing. And by having this new mixed blog about both 1st and 2nd life art, my own activities and others, I hope to find a playful way to connect Nina and Plurabelles lives.

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